Real estate
has changed.

So should the fees.

So, how does Free Listings make money?

After a homeowner has learned about Free Listings the obvious next question is, “How does Free Listings make money?” We know it sounds too good to be true. To prove to you that it's not, we explain exactly how we make money below.

We collect a small marketing fee from the Buyer’s Agent in each transaction. The seller does not pay a fee to list their home.

The Traditional Transaction

A traditional real estate transaction consists of two primary fees. The buyer agent gets paid a fee and the listing agent is paid a fee. A common home sale may include:

  • 3% fee gets paid to the home owner’s (listing) agent
  • 3% fee gets paid to the home buyer’s agent

The Free Listings Transaction

Free Listings has revolutionized the transaction by eliminating the listing agent fee altogether and instead charging the buyer's agent a small marketing fee. It looks like this:

  • 3% fee gets paid to the home owner’s (listing) agent
  • 3% gets paid to the buyer’s agent
  • A small marketing fee is paid from the buyer's side to Free Listings

We've changed the game.

Real estate agents have for too long gone unchallenged in the fees they collect. Gone are the days of phone books, paper maps, days of research, and weeks or months of outreach to sell a single home. Software and the internet have long changed the game in favor of real estate agents – the one thing that has not changed (until now) is what a homeowner has to pay. In fact, with the rise in median house prices that fee has only gone up!

How can we afford to do this? Two ways:

  1. Efficiency. Free Listings has proprietary, cutting-edge software streamlining home listings and selling your home utilizing a variety of hyper-targeted marketing techniques.
  2. Volume. With increased efficiency comes increased bandwidth. We do real estate faster and better, so we accommodate more home sellers without sacrificing quality service.

Free Listings is NOT a discount brokerage.

Free Listings is not a "do less for less" service. We provide the professionalism, attention to detail, and personal experience you should expect from any leading real estate company. You can read all about our service and process here.

Can you help me find my next home, too?

Absolutely! Free Listings is a full service real estate brokerage – we’ll help you buy and sell. We apply the same methodologies to home shopping and home buying that we do to listing a home. The bonus is because of our volume, we often get the first look at homes entering the market, so our customers get a head start.

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