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How to List Your Home for Free on the MLS

Should I Sell My Home on the MLS?

Even though it's understandable to feel a bit intimidated by the home selling process, Free Listings has streamlined the experience to keep you confident, productive, and supported with full-brokerage services from beginning to end. How to list a home for free on the MLS has been a prevalent dilemma, finally solved by the stellar services of Free Listings. 

The dramatic rise in housing prices across the United States has also resulted in an equally dramatic rise in listing, selling, and closing costs! Universally, it has been considered an inevitable event that a seller pays a substantial sum of money for the "services" of a real estate agent once their property is sold. However, when deciding to list your home on the MLS for free with Free Listings, you take the control (and the listing agent’s fees) back for yourself! 

How Much Money Do I Save When I List My Home on the MLS?

One of the most common reasons someone decides to sell their home on Free Listings is because of the sheer amount of money saved. The typical commission for a real estate agent is 6%. For first-time home sellers, that might seem like a reasonable fee. However, when the numbers are crunched, it's quickly obvious that tens of thousands of dollars are left on the table! 

For an example of how much money can be saved by listing your home yourself, let's say that the listed home sells for $400,000. Even if your agent didn't need to lift a finger to put the word out about your listing (which is increasingly typical in the Internet-connected world), you'd still need to pay them a $24,000 commission! 

The commission payment will come out of the equity of your home. For an example of what this will look like, let's say you have a mortgage of $250,000 with a net equity of $150,000. The $24,000 will come out of the equity side, making your gains only $126,000. 

You will need to also consider the costly fees that can be involved in closing the sale. Closing costs vary, and they can be quite expensive when factored into the bottom line. Frequently, buyers will attempt to have the seller cover the closing costs. In a situation where you are a "motivated seller," this could eat away at your equity expectations post-sale. Hence why listing a home for free on the MLS with Free Listings gives you all of the access with none of the drawbacks. 

How Does Free Listings Make Money?

Free Listings is dedicated to keeping the maximum amount of money in the seller's hands throughout the entire process. A 3% fee is paid to the buyer's agent. Free Listings will collect a small fee from the buyer's agent fee in the form of a marketing expense. With a seller's agent fee eliminated, that means that you've reduced the cost of selling your home by at least 50% on average! 

But how is Free Listings able to afford this? Two words: Volume and Efficiency. 

  1. Volume - Free Listings is able to list homes on the MLS for free for sellers to sell their own properties, and this naturally is appealing to many looking to save money when selling a home. The broad numbers of participants illustrate that Free Listings is able to accommodate and satisfy more home sellers than traditional real estate agents.

  2. Efficiency - utilizing bleeding-edge software, Free Listings keeps with its forward-looking mantra that the digital future has revolutionized home selling. Free Listings also makes use of a variety of laser-focused marketing strategies and veteran brokerage experts that help to sell homes faster and for higher prices than ever seen in traditional brokerages. 

Full-Service Real Estate Brokeraging

Although you'll be listing a property for sale for free, you won't be going it alone. Free Listings provides fully personalized experiences for all home sellers. Every listing you create, no matter how large or modest in scope, will receive the same TLC that made it possible for us to become the best way to sell a home in the first place. Free Listings won't leave you stranded at any point in the home selling process; we've got your back 24/7 to make sure your satisfaction and results come first. 

Free Listings also functions as a home-finding service. If you're looking to relocate or purchase a new home, the same tested methods are applied to help pair you with the house you need. Thanks to the popularity of Free Listings and the rise of homeowners listing homes for free, the sheer volume of homes on the market allows our customers a massive head start when shopping around for a home. 

Free Listings Saves Home Sellers Money while Providing Full-Service Support

With our help, we guarantee that the process of selling your home yourself will not only be smooth and painless but even fun and profitable. It's our philosophy that since the world of real estate has drastically changed with the innovation of new technologies, so should the fees. Real estate agents have been unchallenged for too long; nobody is combing through piles of phone books, newspapers, and local ads to research the best way to market or list a home. 

Realtors can list homes for discovery online with little effort, and their access to the MLS is certainly not limited to only an elite few. Since the Internet and new software have shifted the paradigm so much for them, should it not be time to democratize the process for your own advantage? List a home for free on the MLS with Free Listings and discover why we've become the number-one way to sell a home nationwide! 

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